AuctionHunt Spotlights

4-day Texas White-tailed Deer up to 249 and Aoudad Hunt and Filmed for Television

$ 52,313
Donated By: Morani River Ranch

20-day South Pacific All-inclusive Full Bag Hunt, Taxidermy Work, Nesika Sporter by Dakota in .300WM with Round Trip Airfare

$ 75,150
Donated By: Leithen Valley Trophy Hunts NZ & Australia

Non-Hunt Spotlights

#422 Dual Recliner Sunset Swing

$ 2,305
Donated By: B & M Distributors

Original Crystal and Stone Sculpture

$ 11,900
Donated By: Florian Schluifer-Crystal Sculptor

Gold Cuff Links with Elk Ivory Pendant

$ 1,615
Donated By: Studio Pandora