AuctionHunt Spotlights

7-day Idaho Mountain Lion, Bobcat and Wolf Hunt for One Hunter and One Observer

$ 12,500
Donated By: Middle Fork Lodge

10-day Kamchatka Brown Bear Hunt for One Hunter

$ 13,000
Donated By: ProfiHunt Ltd.

10-day Trophy Yukon Moose Hunt for One Hunter

$ 19,000
Donated By: Tombstone Outfitters

6-day New Zealand Gold-Medal Red Stag and Tahr Hunt for Two Hunters

$ 20,350
Donated By: Wilderness Quest New Zealand

7-day South Africa Cape Buffalo Hunt for Two Hunters

$ 45,500
Donated By: Hunting Legends International

6-day Alaskan Barren Ground Caribou Hunt for One Hunter

$ 12,000
Donated By: Alaskan Mountain Safaris

5-day Netherlands Goose Hunt for One Hunter and One Observer

$ 6,900
Donated By: Ramsey Russell's

Non-Hunt Spotlights

Original Crystal and Stone Sculpture

$ 8,900
Donated By: Florian Schluifer-Crystal Sculptor

Americase Limited Edition Rifle Case

$ 950
Donated By: Americase, Inc.

Bronze Sculpture of a Fawn

$ 5,000
Donated By: Randolph Rose Collection

Artistic, 16-Light Elk Antler Chandelier

$ 7,500
Donated By: Rocky Mountain Antler Co.

Custom Taxidermy for a Leopard Mount

$ 5,500
Donated By: Jonas Brothers Taxidermy Studio